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Axe Project

Here's a view fom behind....

The drill bit can;t fit into the pickup cavity. How do I do this without messing it up or drilling

My first project guitar...

This is not from the mahogony body you see above.  I bought the body drille,d routed, and painted on ebay.  All parts were included.  I bout the neck from the same seller.  The tuners that came with it were crapola.  So, I added Kluson vintage style locking tuners.   This part was harder thant I thought it would be - I had to make the peg holes larger, and I had to fill the old screw holes (used elmers wood filler and sawdust) and drill for the Klusons.  1 hole went all the way through, but it has been patched with wood filler and sawdust - hardly noticeable. 
The guitar has a loud Strat-like hum in positions 1 -3 -5.  It has a "raw" type sound to it.    Much better for soloing than for chord strumming.  But, not a bad attempt for my first project.

Solid Mahogony. No contours. No drilled holes. Makes me nervous!

A small ding. The "water treatment" has not worked. Will I have to sand this out?

Can you spot where I drilled through the neck?

Next time use a straight edge to align the tuners!