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1) Body Style.  As you can tell form the pics on the previous page, it is designed to look like a Fender Stratocaster.  Of course, it is not actually a Fender Strat, and should never be confused for one.

2) Finish -  I plan to perhaps stain the guitar and then give a nice coating of nitrocellulose for shine.  I like the look of the natural wood.  Besides, I got very lucky to get this gorgeous hunk of Mahogany. I want to show it off! 

3) Pickups - already routed for 3 single-coil pickups.  If I feel ambitious, I will get the pickups  and do the wiring/soldering myself.  I am thinking about the Texas Specials, but I am not 100% sure yet. I am open to recommendations. 

 If I feel lazy, I will get a pre-loaded pickguard from Stew-Mac.  (Keeping open the possibility of upgrading at some point in the future.) Mind you, I have never soldered anything in my life! This will be a first.

4) Pickguard - this will be black Vinyl, with black control knobs.  Of course, I gotta get my mitts on an original Fender pickguard.

5) Tremolo  system - "vintage" style trem system.  I got my mitts on a brand new "vintage style" Fender trem system.  The whammy bar has a black tip.  (To match the black pickguard and control knobs that I do not yet own.)

6) Neck Plate - Chrome, with the pad underneath.  (Don't want to mar that nice mahogany!)

7) Trem Cover - Probably gonna keep it black - it comes in the kit with the black pickup covers and switch accessory set.  Unless, I can find a nice chrome one.

8) Strap buttons - gonna go with the Vinage

9) Tuners - Vintage Kluson style.  Sorry, but I have to go with the locking tuners, even though they did not have them way back when.

10) Neck -  I'm open for suggestions, but I think I am going to go with a Warmoth custom neck.  Strat style headstock, maple neck (single truss rod), with a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard.  My hands are small, so I am going with a "custom" shape back of the Ibanez "wizard" neck.  (I currently play an Ibanez, and I'm pretty comfortable with it.)  For an "extra" touch, I am going with either Mother of Pearl or Abalone inlays.

   A small detail on the neck is the string trees.  (Not to be confused with the String Cheese Incident.) I do not like the Vintage string trees.  I feel that they actually tear the strings and do more harm than good.  I like the look and function of the trees on the American Strats.  So what if I go American Modern on these with the rest having a "vintage" style. Sue me.  It's my friggin' guitar.

11) LEARN TO PLAY! When this awesome axe is complete. I will have to learn how to play something other than "Smoke on the Water" and ripping through the A Minor Pentatonic Scale.