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vs. Wings (page 3) 12/16


This goal is denied.  But, Rat went on to score 2 goals this evening.                             Norfy takes the face-off.                                   

Rat's 1st goal of the evening.

Molly "the Mauler" Wasow stabs at the puck........


........and it goes in!    Wasow's 's first goal of the season!!                        Wasow and Dugie celebrate.

High 5's for Wasow and Herlihy.  This is Herlihy's first assist of the season!

Blades d. Wings  4-0

   Moday, Rudzitis, Ansell
   Glazer, D' Onofrio, Bryer
   Hayes, Wasow, Herlihy

   Dugan, Harris, Kokenos, Rothschild


Blades Goals:
   D' Onofrio - Dugan, Glazer
   Wasow - Herlihy
   Rudzitis (unassisted)
   Rudzitis - (unassisted - she's Canadian.  What did you expect?)

Game Highlights:

   Wasow gets first goal of the season
   Heliihy Gets her first assist of the season
   Kaplan gets her second shutout of the season.
   Doogie eats a Snickers bar before the game.
   Rat gets 2 unassited goals, and leads the Blades in scoring with 7 points. (3 G, 4 A)
   Although, Rothschild (incidentally, NOT a Canadian) still has more goals.  (4 G, 1 A)


As of December 16, 2001,  The Brooklyn Blades B Team finishes out 2001 with a 4-3 W-L record.  This is the FIRST TIME EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE BLADES that the B team has had a WINNING RECORD!  Let's keep it up, and start of 2002 strong!